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10 Amazing Animal Stories Every Pet Owner Should Know


            10 Amazing Animal Stories Every Pet Owner Should Know

World is full of strange people and strange things. I bet following amazing animal stories will make you know some of the never known weird animal facts regarding your pets.

Painting Pups
Recently an art Gallery in Salisbury, Maryland, staged an unusual exhibition .You know who were the artists? Artists of the exhibits were all dogs. Encouraged by dog trainers dogs had managed to paint their master pieces by chewing on a rubber bone with a hole drilled in the middle to hold a paint brush. Also see ; 7 SURPRISING THINGS YOU WON’T BELIEVE THAT CAN STRESS YOU OUT


In this way they daub paint on the canvas. Each original work is signed with a black paw print in the corner and some of the doggy paintings were sold for $350.

10 Amazing Animal Stories Every Pet Owner Should Know

Sales Dog
A dog in Pingdong city, Taiwan, is so clever that she serves customers in her owner’s nut shop. The dog- named Hello can open the refrigerator, pick up the nuts, put them on the counter and collect money from customers. Also check ;MOST OF PEOPLE MISSPELLED THESE SIMPLE WORDS. WHAT ABOUT YOU ?

amazing animal stories

She also goes shopping by herself, wait patiently in line, and when it is her turn to be served, she put her front paws on the counter, and gives a bag containing money and a shopping list to the waiting shop keeper.

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