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10 Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Until Their Marriage


10 Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Until Their Marriage

The first time you have sex with someone is always an awkward and a nerve-wracking affair. You are unaware of what you are doing but still trying to bear yourself to someone, and undeniably, there is a lot of pressure. The same applies to celebrities too. Even they are humans. Whether early or late, celebrity losing their virginity is something that is most talked and publicized about. Perhaps, because they are ‘stars’ and people are curious in knowing their private lives or the media wants a good cover story. Whatever it is, stars losing their V-cards are no big deal, but there are some, who shocked the world for their virginity beliefs and views. You can say they were late, but actually, they waited for the right time and person.

10 Celebrities Who Stayed Virgin Until Their Marriage

10. Jessica Simpson

Lost Virginity at the Age: 22

Credit: inquisitr.com
Jessica is a renowned actress, reality show star, and a singer. However, she is more prominent for the TV show – Newlyweds: Nick & Jessica. Twenty-two isn’t too late to lose virginity but what remains important is her values on sex. Her virginity was once the most talked topics. With a promise ring on, she remained virgin until she married Nick Lachey. However, in 2006, they got divorced.

9. Tina Fey

Lost Virginity at the Age: 24

Credit: ohmymag.com
Tiny never wanted to give her virginity just like that; she said, “I couldn’t give it away,” that is just good, Christian values, or, being homely.” Tina might not appear religious, or she may not be fanatic about it. However, there is certainly a lot of spiritualism inside her and for good reasons. She stayed virgin until she was married to Jeff Richmond. She sets an example of how married life should be. With two beautiful daughters and 15 years of marriage, Almost their relationship is still strong.
8. Enrique Iglesias

Lost Virginity at the Age: 25

Credit: celebnetwealth.com
There are countless of beautiful virgin women, whom men desire to be their firsts. Well, this doesn’t apply only to ladies. There was once a time when many women desired to deflower the attractive sensation – Enrique Iglesias. A well-admired actor and singer, Enrique started his career in the 90s and by 2000, he was an international hero. Enrique said that many of his childhood buddies lost their virginity to prostitutes; however, he did not want to give away his heart just like that. He waited for the perfect girl. He got married to Anna Kournikova (a tennis player).
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7. Leelee Sobieski

Lost Virginity at the Age: 26

Credit: justjared.com
Leelee Sobieski is an actress. She saved her first moment until she met and married her perfect man. Leelee has been open about her views on sex. She believed in losing her virginity only after marriage, which soon happened when she tied the knot with Adam Kimmel (fashion designer). At 26, the actress tied the knot and at 30, she was bearing her second baby. She wants the society to know that it isn’t for religious beliefs but for the fact that, “virginity is a precious present” to give a man.

6. Carrie Underwood

Lost Virginity at the Age: 27

Credit: qpolitical.com
The winner of American Idol 2007, Carrie Underwood stated in her interviews that she believed in remaining virgin until her marriage. Happily, in the year 2010, she tied the knot with Mike Fisher (hockey player) and was proud of being able to defy those temptations.

5. Adriana Lima

Lost Virginity at the Age: 27

celebrities who lost virginity late
Credit: hdwallpapers.in
Adriana is not only beautiful but also one of the highest paid supermodels. Forbes ranked her as the second highest earning model ($8 million) in 2014. She has been on the cover pictures of many big brands like ElleEsquire, and GQ. Being in an industry, where losing virginity is common, Adriana believed in sex-after-marriage. In 2009, Lima married Marko Jaric (NBA player) and had two beautiful kids. However, the relationship did not stay long and in 2014, they got divorced.

4. Meagan Good

Lost Virginity at the Age: 31

celebrities who lost virginity late
Credit: brownsista.com
Meagan Good used her v-card to set an example for younger women. Though this actress admits how difficult it was to date someone while being pure, she, fortunately, found the perfect man who waited until she was willingly ready. During an interview, Meagan claimed that she is writing a book named “The Wait” with her spouse DeVon Franklin. The book focuses on the pleasure of waiting for the perfect partner and things that assisted them to resist temptations.

3. Lisa Kudrow

Lost Virginity at the Age: 32

celebrities who lost virginity late
Credit: scandal.wikia.com
Lisa is well known for her character as Phoebe from the popular sitcom TV series Friends. She had a flourishing career, portraying different roles in movies like Wonderland, Easy A, and Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion. She is popular, gorgeous, and talented, which might make people think she would have been with many men from the industry. But, certainly not. Lisa remained a virgin until she was married to Michael Stern (a French businessman). She was saving herself for the perfect man.

2. Lolo Jones

Status: Still Virgin

stars who lost virginity late
Credit: zntent.com
Lolo is one of the most favorite athletes with amazing records and of course, a great fan base. She is one of those rare Olympians, who participate both in winter and in summer Olympics. Lolo is a United States hurdler and even an associate of the bobsled team. She is in her 30s and still single as well as virgin.
She is the perfect example of beauty with brains. She has many men after her, but she is waiting for the right one. She doesn’t believe in premarital sex. Just like other stars on this list, she desires to remain virgin until she is married.

1. Tim Tebow

Status: Still Virgin

celebrities who are still virgin
Credit: christianpost.com
Recently, Tim (NFL player) and Olivia Culpo (Miss USA, television presenter, model, and an American actress) were in the controversies for splitting up. Just after two months of seeing each other, she dumped him for his virginity vows. Olivia allegedly told her friends that she couldn’t deal with Tim’s abstinent lifestyle. According to sources, Tim’s strict Christian values and pledge to God to stay pure until marriage is claimed to be the major reason behind the breakup.


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