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10 Important Life Lessons You Should Learn Before You’re 30


10 Important Life Lessons You Should Learn Before You’re 30

There are so many important life lessons I wish I had learnt when I was young enough to appreciate and apply them in my life. In most cases , the thing with wisdom we gain in general comes in retrospect, bit later than we need them. But the good news is, people around you can benefit from your own hard earned experiences.

Some Important Life Lessons You Should learn Early On
1. Money Can’t Bring A Solution To Most Of Your Problems
Money is just a tool and commodity that help you buy the necessities & of course some really cool “wants”. Never forget, it is not the panacea to any of your problems. If the money can offer a solution then why great many people end up their lives miserably while people with the very little money lead a 
happy life?

Your money can get you a nice home, fantabulous car, great shoes, expensive gadgets, bit of security and few other things   but it can’t fix your broken relationship or throw away your loneliness. Money can buy the happiness but the feeling it offers is not a kind of everlasting one. One of the important life lessons you should fix in your mind is “Happiness is not available for sale“.  Remember, if you believe that the stuff you can buy can bring a happiness and make you feel better, you can never be happy.Also check ; THE INTERVIEW THAT SAW BOTH EDWINA BARTHOLOMEW AND HER MUM BURST INTO TEARS.

2.  Don’t Rush It Up

When you have just started your adult journey, you will feel like you have to do all at once. You will want to plan out your lives, decide everything, experience everything, find true love, get to the top instantly, all these at the same time.
But dude, slow down a bit. Let your life unfold. Just learn to wait a bit and weigh your options. Take your own time to look around often, enjoy every bite of what you eat, be a good listener and wait patiently until the people on your side completes their conversation. Taking the effort to reach your goals for the future is a good thing. But rushing yourself at a full speed anything towards is a kind of one way ticket that will make miss many things in your life as it crosses you by.

10 Important Life Lessons You Should Learn Before You’re 30

3. It’s Tough To Please Everyone
One of the more important life lessons, I want you to learn is ” Never hurt yourself by trying to please everyone”. You can’t  please everyone by your words or actions. You don’t need too. But expecting to be liked and valued by everyone is undeniably human nature. Speak up, value yourself, walk towards your goal, asset yourself, stay true to yourself and enjoy every single moment. You can do anything to please the deserve people but not at the expense of your happiness and integrity.

4. Your Health Is The Great Possession


Your health is a precious treasure. Learn to appreciate, protect and nurture it. People spoils their health at their young age before they get a chance to know it’s worth. Often we attempt to take out our good health for granted for the reason it’s just there. As we are healthy now, we are not paying the proper attention to it. It goes on until we get sick and the need arise. There is a long list of preventable diseases which include stroke, Heart disease, cancers, bone density and many more. So treat your body as a great treasure, adopt a good diet plan, spare your time to exercise and so do everything to protect your health. So you will not regret it later.

5. You Don’t Always Get What You Want
Everyone undergo this scenario. No matter how hard you work and how carefully you plan, sometimes things will not work out in the way you expect them to. IT’S OK, Learn the lesson and MOVE ON!. It happens with everyone’s life. All of us have expectations and the predetermined visions on how our ideal life should be. Sometimes we change our mind in the mid and sometimes our dream fails. In most cases, the reality we end up with is totally different than what we have dreamt of. Learn to accept the things that can’t be changed. Remember, you have to flop sometimes and raise from there so that ,you can find out the right direction. Also check ; HOW MANY ACRES IN A HECTARE

6. It’s Not All About You
Since we are always stay focused only on the things that are happening in our lives, we fail to view the world from outside of our view. We think as we are the epicenter of the whole universe. We only think “What will I do today, what does this mean to me, for my life, for my career”. Being aware of everything that goes with our life is completely normal. But at the same time, you should pay your attention on the things that happen around us too. Watch out for how different things affect people in a different way. This intense attention will help you learn many important life lessons from other lives and help you keep things in perspective.

7. Not Knowing Is Not A Shame
Nobody knows everything and nobody has all the answers. It’s not shame in saying “I don’t know”. Of course it’s lot better than pretending to know everything. Learn as you go, that’s life. In fact, no one likes “know it all personalities”.

8. Love Is Not A Feeling, It’s A Choice
If you feel the sudden burst of excitement or pulse quickening as love, understand it can’t last long. It does not mean the finding of long lasting love is impossible.  It is possible. But you should understand what love is. It is a choice we make every day. Choose to be kind, to be faithful, to forgive and to love the annoyances pass. Your relationship will take some time to work out, sometimes it’s incredibly easy and sometimes it becomes really hard. However it ends up finally with how we act, speak and think in your relationship.

9. It’s Good To have A Perspective  
At the moment you lost your perspective may seems so big, so hard and so important. Reality is, most of the struggles like job you didn’t get, losses you face, fights you are having, unexpected shifts, things you have wanted but lost at the end, most of it will seem nothing 10, 20 or 30 years from now. As you live with the short term, right now it may seem like quite harder to strengthen yourself  by the seeing the long perspective. BUT IT’S A FACT ! Attempt to learn the important life lessons from each and every issue you face.Unless otherwise it’s a life threatening thing , just let it go and move on.

10. Appreciate What You Have Now
Often we don’t appreciate the things we have ,until we lost it. It includes your family, friends, health, money, job or  you name it with anything as you think you have tomorrow. It may seems like your parents will always be there, but they won’t. You may think, you have more time to spend with your old friends but in real ,you don’t. Now you may have the money to spend and hoping you will have it next month too. In real, you might not. No single thing in your life is guaranteed to be there for tomorrow.
One of the most important life lessons you should know at this very moment is ” Life Can Change Upside Down In Just Fractions Of Second”. So appreciate what you have before you lose it.

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