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Best Gifts For Your Girlfriend To Show How Much You Love Her


Best Gifts For Your Girlfriend To Show How Much You Love Her

The worst question to ask your girlfriend when a special occasion like Christmas, birthday or an anniversary comes is “What do you want?”. Because most of the time, the answer is “I don’t really know” or “Whatever is fine” (and you know, her “whatever” doesn’t mean “anything”). Whether you’re searching for Christmas gifts for girlfriend or gifts for her birthday, or for your love anniversary, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Gifts For Your Girlfriend To Show How Much You Love Her

Here in this list, you’ll find the best gifts for her to show how much you treasure your girl – in any occasion. Hope that these gift ideas for her will make your beloved happy!

Making for her a photo album of love

Best Gifts For Your Girlfriend
How to make your girlfriend feel special? A collection of pictures with your sweet memories together in a photo book will be a ticket to the heart-touching train of feels for her.
This gift idea is suitable for Christmas as well as your anniversary the most. The first thing you need to do is open your Facebook and Instagram – wherever stores your images were taken together – and search for the best memories of you two. They can be the meals you have together, the places you visited, the first things you did together…The more details of the event you remember, the more deeply moved she’ll be.
Next, do some photoshop tricks to design your beautiful and heart-felt message onto the images (if you don’t know about photoshop, you can use Canva for easy image makeover). Or, if you prefer hand-written messages, go for it (just make sure your handwriting isn’t something like from a doctor’s prescription).
After having all the beautiful images, print them out and put them into a photo album. The next thing to do is decorating your album (it’s optional though). For example,  if you’re looking for a Christmas gift idea, then decorate the album with Christmas theme. Get a cute name written in the front. Wrap it. And get ready to hold her tightly when she is flipping each page of the album with tears in her eyes.

Ordering personalized jewelry for her

Best Gifts For Your Girlfriend
Women love sparkling things. Jewelry is something looks fragile but it has the little power that makes women feel unique. No matter how many of those sparkling shining things you buy for her, it’s never enough. “I have enough jewelry” – said no woman ever. Plus, jewelry ALWAYS fit. So choosing for her some jewelry stuff is always one of the best gift ideas for women.
Be it necklaces, earrings, rings or barcelets, etc. you don’t have to choose them from a designer jewelry brand. Just go for affordable items (but no fake, please – only fakers are gonna fake). To make it even more special for her, you can ask the shop to carve a little personal message or love code between you two such as “You’re my little sunshine”, “All I want for Christmas is you” or the date of a special memory together.
If you can spend more bucks, you can even order for your girlfriend an item so there won’t be the second one in this world.


Choosing her a signature perfume

Best Gifts For Your Girlfriend
Like jewelry, women loves being smelt good. There’s no women who don’t like wearing perfume. They just haven’t discovered their special scent yet.
Giving your girlfriend a smelling good perfume for women is like telling her how much you love staying around her, how much you love hugging her in your arms and snuggling onto her neck. She’ll be incredily happy wearing the scent you choose with such sweet message.
For girls who haven’t never used perfume before, you can choose for her a good smell and encourage her to wear it for you. Plus, picking a great scent for your girlfriend is not difficult. 

Booking a trip for two

Best Gifts For Your Girlfriend
Going on an adventure together is the best way to fall in love again. And what could be better than celebrate her special day in a romantic getaway? Going on a trip for two will be a chance to create even more beautiful memories together.
So, stop for a minute and think of the nearest places or any other special places your girlfriend is dreaming to visit. Then, plan a trip, book two tickets, hold her hands and go.

Preparing a jar of notes with things you’ll do for her

Best Gifts For Your Girlfriend
Women is hard to understand. However, if you love your other half, you’ll know what you do that she loves most. So, why not make her happy with a little jar full of notes written with the things you’ll do for her. Each day she can pick out one note and you’ll do the “task” written there. Here are a few suggestions for you:
  • A kiss on her neck
  • A hug from behind in 10 minutes
  • Cooking a meal for her
  • Making her a cake or buy her one
  • Taking her out for a walk while holding hands
  • Singing her favorite song
  • Going to a spa together
  • Going shopping with her
You definitely know your girlfriend better than me, so there will be countless of things you do that make her happy. Just write them all down.
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The best gift for your girl is how much you love her!

Women are the most fragile creature on earth and men should feed them nothing but great love. Just pour your thought and love into the gift you choose, she’ll definitely cherish it – even it’s just one single red rose you give her.


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