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How Long Do Mosquito Bites Last ?


How Long Do Mosquito Bites Last ?

Generally Mosquito bites will not create most serious illness unless otherwise mosquito which bitten you belongs to some dangerous types which causes malaria. Most of the times when the mosquito bites you , you won’t even feel like your body were bitten by the mosquito. But it is not the case always.
Sometimes right after you receive mosquito bites, you will feel itching and swelling
Mosquito bites can last anywhere between 2 minutes to 2 days. Anyhow answer to the question how long do mosquito bites last can be answered by taking the factors such as which part of the body is bitten, amount of salvia & anticoagulant that is injected during the bitten. Also check ; HOW TO HAVE HEALTHY HAIR: THE GOLDEN RULES EVERY GIRL NEEDS TO MASTER


How long do mosquito bites last when the bitten Is received on the parts which have a heavy blood flow? When the mosquito bites the upper part of the body, it will last longer than less blood flowing parts. At the time mosquito bites you,  it passes some anti coagulant enzymes into your body. This will prevent the blood from getting clotted. Along with the enzymes, it will also injects a mild anesthetic. So that it will become hard for you to detect that you are being bitten.  If you are body is sensitive to these chemicals, it will be reflected as slight bumps on your body. At this time your circulatory system should be able to clear these chemicals to put a full stop for this allergic reaction.
If you want to get rid of the serious infections, make sure you are not scratching the bitten area. 

When you do, it will break your skin and will create a new wound. Obviously it will take even longer to go away. Chances are, your fingernail scratches can cause a vulnerable infections to your skin too. Instead of scratching it with the nails, you  can rub the bitten area which cause the itching. When you rub it with your hands, you are promoting a blood flow on your skin. So it will help you to get rid of the mosquito bites quickly. Also check ; HOW TO PLAIT THE PERFECT FRENCH BRAID WITH PICS

How Long Do Mosquito Bites Last ?

Topical creams that work well on Mosquito bites

In order to reduce the inflammation, you can apply some of the topical creams directly on the bitten part.
1% hydrocortisone cream can be used to reduce the rashes and inflammation. It is proven to work well on the mosquito bites.
You can also use Calamine lotion to reduce itching & inflammation.

2 Points To Remember

Never ever scratch the affected skin with your finger nails. You can rub it though.
Consider applying the topical creams to reduce the inflammation and itching.
Hope you got an answer for your question ” how long do mosquito bites last“. Hit your comments if you find it useful.

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