How to Create Loose Waves With A Curling Iron

Master this simple styling secret to create a perfect soft look for an evening out.

How to create loose waves
1. Protect. Spritz a thermal protecting spray onto your hair before blow-drying to protect it from heat.
2. Blow. Blow-dry your hair with a paddle brush. The nozzle of the hair-dryer should face down-wards so that the cuticle of the hair stays smooth, making your hair shiny.
How-to-Create-Loose-Waves-With-A-curling-Iron How-to-Create-Loose-Waves-With-A-curling-Iron 

1. Protect2. Blow
3. Wave. Create gentle waves with a large-barrelled curling or styling iron. Wind hair around the barrel from the top to the bottom of the strand.
4. Pin. Slide out the curl and secure it with a clip. Don’t remove clips before your hair has cooled, as the waves will drop.
How-to-Create-Loose-Waves-With-A-curling-Iron How-to-Create-Loose-Waves-With-A-curling-Iron 

3. Wave4. Pin
5. Loosen. Remove clips and loosen with your fingers, not a brush. Smooth ends and define waves with serum. Hairspray holds the waves in place.
5. Loosen
Fast Fix 
If your hair frizzes in winter, it’s time to turn down the heat. Regular use of hairdryers and heated styling tools removes moisture from your hair, causing it to frizz. So, turn down the heat to a cooler setting – and always apply a thermal protecting product before heat styling.