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Where And How Long Do Dolphins Live


Where And How Long Do Dolphins Live

Is your mind visualizes a beautiful image of dolphin dive now? It’s what an image that flashes in every mind by hearing the word dolphin. But do you know how long do dolphins live and how many different kinds of dolphins are living in the world? If you don’t continue to read on.

 Where do dolphins live?

Dolphins are most intelligent air breathing mammals. Just us human, these intelligent species have a very complex communicating system. Even each and every dolphin have their own names  and they will be called by their signature whistles. These species used to live together in groups called “pods”. Also check ; THINNING HAIR: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT HAIR LOSS

Where And How Long Do Dolphins Live

Do You  have a curiosity to know, where do dolphins live in pods?  I tell you now. Nearly 32 different kinds of oceanic dolphins are there. They used to live in the salt water. Only the river dolphins lives in a fresh water.
If you think dolphins are human friendly, its time to reconsider it now. Because not all dolphin species are human friendly. Few of them are shy in nature.  But Few dolphin species like bottle nose dolphins shows an immense of curiosity in interacting with the human.
Let’s talk about our favorite dolphin dive now. Dolphins can dive up to 20 minutes of time at 300 meters. In some experiments, they dived up to  500 meters. Also check ; ALL ABOUT MID-LENGTH HAIRSTYLES MEDIUM-LENGTH-HAIRSTYLES-IDEAS

Where And How Long Do Dolphins Live

How Long Do Dolphins Live?

Unlike other creatures, in dolphin family usually female lives longer than the male ones. Apart from the gender, there are so many other factors which should be considered to determine how long do dolphins live. Diet, environment in which dolphin lives, level of endangerment and geography are some of the determining factors.
Average age of dolphin is 25 years but this intelligent species is capable of living up to 60 years.Also check ; 

To extend the lifespan of the captive dolphins, it should be fed with a very strict diet. Even though captive dolphins are free from dangers when compare to the one in wild, they used to have a shorter lifespan. Can you guess the reason? Remember what I have stated earlier in this article. These species used to live together in pods. So the separation from the family and friends leads them towards the shorter lifespan.
Ex:  Life span of Amazon river dolphin is around 15 to 20 years while lifespan of Stripped dolphin is around 50 – 60 years.
Have a quick look at the table below. It will help you  know how long do dolphins live.
Life expectancy of dolphins are greatly varies with the kind of species

Dolphin Species nameLife expectancy  (years)(Average)
The Amazon river dolphin15 to 20
Hector’s dolphin15 to 20
Baiji dolphin20 to 25
Dusky dolphin20 to 25
Bottlenose dolphin20 to 25
Chinese river dolphin25
Irrawaddy dolphin25 to 30
Maui’s dolphin20
Yangtze river50 to 60
Killer whale40 to 60
Stripped dolphin50 to 60

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