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Abs Workout To Get A Six Pack - Get Ripped With This Abs Workout


Abs Workout To Get A Six Pack

When it comes to abs, both men and women are often amazed by someone who has a shredded six pack. Adding a big chest, a V-Shaped Back and big arms to the list and your upper body looks amazing.
Gymaholic will answer to your questions regarding abdominals, then provivde a intense abs workout to get this six pack!

Get Ripped With This Abs Workout

Man Abs
In the fitness community, we often listen sentences like: "Abs are made in the kitchen". Many people spend endless hours in the gym, but completely forget that nutrition is the number one factor that will help you build a six pack.
Therefore, you can train your abs for weeks and months, but if you have a layer of fat over them, you won't see any changes.
In order to get good abdominal muscles, you will have to work on a strong diet. The less body fat you have, the more muscles you will perceive. So don't hesitate to read our articles: how to lose body fat fast and all you need to know about nutrition.
Abs are like other any muscles, they grow during your rest. Don't listen the broscience saying "You can train your abs everyday". Yes, they recover quicker than other muscle groups, but overtraining will not help them get bigger. Also check: THE BEST BACK WORKOUT FOR MASS AND DEFINITION

Steve Cook Abs

How Many Abs Workout Per Week?

People often train abs 2-3 times per week and it's enough. Especially if you train them properly (15-30 minutes), with good intensity. Remember, abs also act as a stabilizer for other exercises like: deadlift, squat... Therefore, it would be recommended to not fatigue them before doing one of these movements.

What Rep Range For Abs?

It depends what your goals are, but if you want to build strong abdominal muscles you will have to aim for 12-25 reps (weighted if needed). This range can change, depending the exercise you're doing and how your body react to it. But the main goal is to perform all the movements in a slow and controlled manner.
If you are not feeling pain around the 10th rep, you probably need to add more weight, or you're doing it wrong. Check: HOW TO INCREASE THE INTENSITY OF YOUR WORKOUTS

What's The Rest Period For Abs?

Training abs it's not like working out your chest. Here, the rest period must be inferior to 1 minute. Allow yourself 30-45 seconds of rest time between your sets. But there is no golden rule on that.

How To Get A 8-Pack?

Unfortunately, the people who have a 8 pack is simply due to genetics. You can get a great display of your abs with a low body fat. But if your genetic structure is drawn for a 6 pack, there is no way you can get the 8 pack.
Man with a six pack

In order to get the best results, we will only focus on the rectus abdominis (6 pack). We will make another article to cover the obliques.

Warmup Your Abs

It's recommended to warm up before exercising to increase blood flow and reduces the chance of injury. A good way to warm up your abs is to do the first exercise with low reps and no added weight for 2-3 sets.
If you want to get shredded and show off your amazing abs, follow the workout we just made for you!
*Note: When you're training abs you must focus on having a good form. It means that every movement will start from the contraction of your abs. Your hands must not help you make the exercise, otherwise you don't work your abdominal muscles properly. Thus, don't try to add more weight if your movement is anything but correct.* Check: THE BEST BACK WORKOUT FOR MASS AND DEFINITION
  • Standard Crunch4 sets

    • 3 x Weighted12-20 reps
    • 1 x Body Weightfailure
  • Decline Crunch4 sets

    • 3 x Weighted12-20 reps
    • 1 x Body Weightfailure
  • Hanging Leg Raises4 sets

    • 4 x Body Weightfailure
  • Plank2 sets

    • 2 x Body Weight1 min
Get these ripped abs!

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