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Arnold Schwarzenegger Chest Workout


Arnold Schwarzenegger Chest Workout

Having a big chest, along with a big back, strong arms and defined abs, are he most wanted body part amongs men. However, you can become obsessed with building a big chest and forget to work other muscle groups.
Having a big chest is good; but having a big defined chest is better. The chest master Arnold Schwarzenegger had it all: mass, definition and balance.

Complete Workout Routine To Build A Massive Chest

Arnold Schwarzenegger posing
Looking at this picture, we can observe an amazing harmony between his muscles. Arnold Schwarzenegger chest workout has never been complex, he always focused on the basics.  Check: ABS WORKOUT TO GET A SIX PACK - GET RIPPED WITH THIS ABS WORKOUT
So if you want to get a big chest, we prepared you a workout inspired by his routine.

Muscles Of The Chest

The chest is composed of two muscles: the pectoralis minor and the pectoralis major (Often called chest and upper chest). In order to build a big chest you must work them equally, otherwise you will have a nasty surprise in the long run.

Evaluate Your Weaknesses And Workout Accordingly

We are all different, not everybody will respond to the bench press. So, it is important to listen to your body and understand what works best for you. The Arnold Schwarzenegger's chest workout must be an example for you, then you can change it according to your body. Check: BUTT WORKOUT FOR WOMEN - THE ULTIMATE WOMEN'S WORKOUT FOR GROWING GLUTES

Rep Range And Rest Time For Chest Workout

This workout is composed of compound movements in order to build mass. Therefore, you will be aiming for a 6-15 reps and have 1:30 minutes of rest time between each set.
You will have 2:30 minutes to 3 minutes of rest time after each exercise.

How To Warmup Your Chest

The best way to warmup your chest is to start a chest exercise with light weights. If you are going to start by working out your pectoralis minor; you can warm them up with 3 sets of bench press, performing 20-30 reps.
*Note: During this workout you should not focus on putting the maximum weight available. You will have to leave your ego outside the gym and focus on having a good form. Even when you put heavy weights, you must control it from the beginning to the end of the movement.* Check: HOW TO INCREASE THE INTENSITY OF YOUR WORKOUTS
  • Bench Press4 sets

    • 3 x Ideal Weight8-12 reps
    • 1 x Heavy Weight6-8 reps
  • Incline Bench Press4 sets

    • 2 x Ideal Weight8-12 reps
    • 2 x Heavy Weight6-8 reps
  • Chest Dips4 sets

    • 1 x Weighted6-10 reps
    • 3 x Body Weight8-12 reps
  • Dumbbell Flyes4 sets

    • 3 x Ideal Weight8-12 reps
    • 1 x Lighter Weight12-15 reps
Get this strong chest!

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