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Brazilian blow dry: have a good hair day everyday


Brazilian blow dry: have a good hair day everyday

Brazilian blow dry: have a good hair day everyday

The Brazilian blow dry is a semi-permanant way of smoothing and improving the condition of your hair to make it more manageable - in short; hair heaven for those of us who find taming our manes a total chore.

It works by infusing the hair with keratin - a protein which occurs naturally in the hair - to help fight frizz and keep hair looking sleek and healthy.

But not every Brazlian blow dry is the same. Some have had a bad rap for doing more harm than good by using a toxic blend of chemicals.

That's why we spoke to two hair experts from leading salons - London Hairdresser of the Year Tina Farey from Rush, and Jonathan Long - co-founder of Chelsea salon Lockonego, to find out more about the Brazilian blow dry and what you can expect from a treatment.

First up, before you book make sure your salon of choice offers a Brazilian blow dry that's free of chemical nasties.

Jonathan says: "Some of these treatments can contain a chemical called Formaldehyde and it's this ingredient which gives some treatments a bad name. You should look for a treatment without this ingredient as a safety precaution."

Brazilian blow drys are a way to add extra nourishment and condition to your hair - rather than deplete it further, but it helps to know a little more about what your usual salon is offering - they vary place to place. Feel free to ask questions to your stylist - they should know what ingredients are in their treatments and should be able to put your mind at ease.

Be aware that some salons have different names for what is essentially a Brazilian blow dry - Keratin Treatments, conditioning treatments, Brazilian blow outs... but they all have a common goal - to add condition to your hair and to make it easier to handle!

What chemicals are used in a Brazlian blow dry?

The formulations used in each Brazilian blow dry vary as salons use different products. Essentially you should look for a treatment that is free from formaldehyde and rich in keratin proteins and amino acids.

If your stylist starts talking about Nanokertain that's another good thing to look out for. NanoKeratin is essentially a nano molecule of the keratin protein, Tina says this helps the protein to penetrate the hair cuticle more easily.

How does it work?

First of all your hair is washed and is then rough dried, after which the keratin treatment is applied to the hair for about 30 minutes (sometimes longer if your hair is quite coarse). Then the keratin treatment is locked into your hair when it is blow dried.

The results usually last between two and three months - during which time you should find your hair looks noticeably rejuvenated, smoother and more manageable.

Is everyone suitable for a Express Renewal Keratin Treatment or does it work better on certain hair types?
Jonathan says: "The Keratin Treatment works brilliantly on all types of hair, whether it has been chemically treated (bleached, highlighted, coloured), permed, relaxed or previously straightened.

However, the treatment works particularly well for ridding the hair of unruly, frizzy locks that look damaged, unhealthy and dull."

Should you leave your hair time to recover between treatments?

Jonathan says: "You can have a Keratin Treatment up to 6 weeks after the first treatment however I'd recommend not getting another treatment until it is needed.

As with every hair treatment it is good to give your hair a break once in a while. The results usually last around 3 months, with the treatment gradually fading from the hair."

How should you care for your hair post treatment? Can you wash it just as often?

Once you've had your Brazilian blow dry or Keratin treatment you have to be prepared for a few days of pony tails and low slung buns - as you're not able to wash your hair for at least 72 hours post treatment.

Jonathan says: "This is to ensure that the treatment has been locked into the cuticle. It's important to use a sodium chloride-free shampoo as this won't strip keratin from the hair.

Products containing Keratin are great for maintaining the results too. In the first 72 hours do not use elastic bands or anything that could cause kinks in the hair either."

Can you get a Keratin Treatment if you have coloured hair?

"Yes, a keratin treatment can be performed on any hair type, including coloured hair and natural, virgin hair. It works brilliantly on damaged and dry hair as it restores moisture and works to repair the hair," Jonathan says.

When is the best time to get a Brazilian blow dry?

A great time to have the treatment done is directly after a permanent colour, semi-permanent colour or highlights. Having a Brazilian blow dry or keratain treatment can help to lock in the vibrancy of your colour and help it last longer as Tina says: "it will help condition and seal the cuticles after a chemical process.

Do you have to have a patch test before committing to a treatment?
Opinion varies when it comes to patch tests, but it's not strictly necessary. But Jonathan prefers a cautious approach when trying something new. He says: "I must say it is recommended, like any professional treatment, just in case you have an allergic reaction." 

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