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The interview that saw both Edwina Bartholomew and her mum burst into tears.


The interview that saw both Edwina Bartholomew and her mum burst into tears.

It was barely even an “incident”, merely a momentary blip, but Sunrisepresenter Edwina Bartholomew soon found her exchange with Mel Gibson all over the internet.
Hosting a Facebook Live from the AACTA Awards red carpet, Bartholomew was so intent on getting Gibson’s attention to interview him she forgot one tiny little detail – to introduce herself.
Social media hten had a field day.
Speaking on the I Don’t Know How She Does It podcast, the 33 year old said the whole thing was “really awkward and blown a bit out of proportion”.

The interview that saw both Edwina Bartholomew and her mum burst into tears.

“We were doing a Facebook live and it was all just rolling and it was a mess and I just rolled in to talk to Mel Gibson but didn’t really get a chance to introduce myself so just launched into the first question and he’s gone “No”,” she recounted.
“And I said “How are you” and he said “No, who are you” and it was just very awkward. Like I don’t expect him to know who I am my god, but that was just way taken out of proportion and really awkward. He was actually quite delightful.”
The exchange between the two became the subject of countless articles and tweets, claiming Gibson had “snubbed” the presenter. Also see: TIFFANY SCANLON HAS SPOKEN FOR THE FIRST TIME ABOUT HER BREAK-UP WITH MEGAN MARX.
Listen: Edwina Bartholomew on THAT Mel Gibson incident. Post continues after audio.

However it wasn’t until the weekend when Bartholomew reached breaking point about the whole debacle – and the final straw came from her mother.
“I was still quite raw with it, I don’t have a very thick skin so on the weekend I went over to Mum and Dad’s house and Mum was like “Why wouldn’t you introduce yourself politely?'” Bartholomew told host Alissa Warren.
“I was like ‘Mum, oh man’, I burst into tears and went out of the room and then Mum burst into tears saying ‘What did I say?’

I said ‘The internet has been after me all week for exactly that and I don’t need to hear it from you too!’. Sorry mum. She doesn’t even comprehend that all thgat is going on in the background and why should she?”
Fortunately Bartholomew has surrounded herself with positive support.
“I’m very fortunate, people are very positive and I’ve been very lucky to surround myself with positive people online, particularly Instagram, I think that’s such a warm community. The positives way outweigh the negatives in terms of social media,” she says. Also see: REMEMBER HOW ED SHEERAN WAS CUT WITH A SWORD BY A PRINCESS? YEAH. THAT WAS A LIE.

However she admits will always read the comments.

“I’m also a bit of a self validater, like I just kind of like to read it, if there is bad stuff to be said I want to know what’s being said and read every comment which I don’t think is the healthiest approach, so I only respond if I have something funny to say,” she says.
One such example is her response to someone who criticised her for crinkling her nose when she smiled, claiming it didn’t look cute.

“So I wrote back to him and said ‘Hi Daniel, here are five other things you can worry about that doesn’t involve my nose wrinkling – climate change, refugee crisis. So I will respond if I have something funny to say but won’t respond to all the negative comments but I’m not very good at it,” she said.
“I always look to Sam for that because she handles it so well and graciously and with such a thick skin. She’s my role model when it comes to dealing social media.”

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