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How Long Do Butterflies Live?


How Long Do Butterflies Live?

Colorful thoughts are always associated with the butterflies. But do you have an idea on how long do butterflies live? On an average it’s just a month. Read on to know which factors affect its lifespan.

Adult Life Span
Studies conducted on Winged species shows that male species used to live longer than female ones. Anyhow the adult lifespan of some generations seems much longer. I let you know how, when the butterfly lay eggs on the winter, it will remain and egg till the end of winter. Whereas if it’s an adult capable of flying to some where it migrate to the warmer place. So this whether also plays a role on how long do butterflies live. Also check ; STRANGEST OF ALL STRANGEST - HUMAN BRAIN FACTS


Butterflies like Mourning Cloaks ,Monarchs, and some tropical Heliconians migrates to northward in spring and south in fall. These species can live up to 8 to 9 months. Sometimes little longer too. Also check ; THIS SIMPLE HAIR HACK WILL INSTANTLY REVEAL WHICH HAIRCUT WILL SUIT YOU BEST


Total Life Span
Let’s get into a bit detail now. You must have studied this in your school days. Life cycle of a butterfly. Knowing its life cycle will help us to know how long do butterflies live in a clear way.
Life cycle of butterfly starts from the larval stage, it turns into Pupal and then the journey reaches the adult stage. When describing the species in butterflies people of north America use the term “flights” which states the adult generation. If you hear them say a species have 2 flights from May to September, what they come to mean is one generation is about to emerge from its pupil stage in spring & the next one will emerge in summer. As i mentioned already, lifespan of these species will greatly vary and the one who turn into adult when the winter hits will be blessed with fewer more months than the one which have not crossed its Pupil stage.
When the butterfly lays the egg by the fall and emerges from the spring flight its total lifespan will be around 10 to 11 months. Eggs those were laid by the butterfly during the summer season used to get develop faster because of the high temperatures. As they crosses their pupil stage in 2 to 3 months, Total lifespan of this summer flight species are reduced to 3 and half to 4 months. It is nearly half than the spring flight species.
A point to be noted on how long do butterflies live here is ” Not all species will have the spoken 2 flights per year. Some used to have only one. They have only one fight per year. It is believed that some of the arctic butterflies outlive the other ones (nearly 2 years)due to the scarcity of food needed for its larval stage.

Factors plays a role on how long do butterflies live
Apart from the stage of the butterfly at the time winter hits, its size, where they live and gender also plays a significant role in determining how long do butterflies live.
Just as bearded dragons, the larger one used to live longer than the smaller ones.
Although from the good old days to now, the feel of happiness is always associated with the butterflies, average lifespan of these happy butterflies falls only around one month. Learn the lesson from these beautiful species and hold the happiness until your last breath.

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