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Celebrities Gossip - james corden channels belle in hilarious crosswalk musical


James corden channels belle in hilarious crosswalk musical

To promote the release of Beauty and the BeastJames Corden had the film's leading men Dan StevensLuke Evans and Josh Gad perform several of the songs while avoiding traffic! The segment, titled 'Crosswalk musical', sees James and his company attempt to perform songs from the musical film while cars wait at the red light, bemusedly watching the performance. Once the traffic lights go from red to green, the group have to dash back onto the pavement, leading to hilarious results!
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Taking the performance very seriously, James told the group: "I don't care if this is your first ever production or you're some big Hollywood movie star, we're a company and we trust each other." He then told the camera: "It's always difficult when new people join the group. I have to put them through their paces." During their 'rehearsal' process, he tries to fight with Luke, who plays Gaston in the film, and teaches Dan how to act like a 'Beast'.
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Dan and James waltzed together
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When the group finally perform on the crosswalk, James hilariously dresses up as Belle, complete with a dress and wig, telling the camera: "Daniel Day Lewis played Abraham Lincoln. Meryl Streep played Margaret Thatcher. James Corden played Belle and I think in many ways those three will be regarded as similar. Or the same." The group finally began to perform the numbers, hilariously running back to safety as cars honked. For the finale, James donned Belle's iconic yellow gown while waltzing with Dan, who wore a 'beast' style hat. Speaking about the performance, the Downton Abbey actor said: "Across that road and on the other side was everything I love about theatre – and a gas station."

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